BLM seeks public input on Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area Plan in San Miguel County

DOLORES, Colo. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Tres Rios Field Office is seeking public input on a proposed management plan for the approximately 22,000-acre Spring Creek Basin Wild Horse Herd Management Area in Disappointment Valley. The proposed plan evaluates the area’s soil and water quality, plant and animal numbers, and overall landscape productivity relative to the Colorado Public Health Standards.

The BLM is updating the plan to follow the 2015 Tres Rios Field Office Resource Management Plan, which requires the field office to evaluate and update the herd management area plan within five years.

“The BLM periodically reviews ecological conditions and appropriate management levels for wild horse numbers within herd management areas,” stated Tres Rios Field Manager Connie Clementson. “This plan revision keeps our herd management plan aligned with the condition of the vegetation, soil, and water sources and to ensure a healthy horse herd.”

Revising the herd management area plan will ensure the appropriate management level of 35-65 wild horses, fertility control techniques, herd genetics, future gather techniques, and new water developments. The herd management area is currently at full capacity of wild horses.

The next step in this process includes completion of an environmental assessment that will be available for public comment.

Comments must be received or postmarked by February 19, 2020. The associated documents and scoping letter are available on the BLM ePlanning website: Please send written comments to the BLM Tres Rios Field Office, Attn: Michael Jensen, 29211 Highway 184, Dolores, CO 81323, or email

Before including your address, phone number, email address or other personal identifying information in your comment, be aware that your entire comment – including your personal identifying information – may be made publicly available at any time.



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