BLM seeks input on environmental assessment for Integrated Pest Management at Anchorage's Campbell Tract

Public Comment Period runs January 26 through February 9


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Anchorage Field Office

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska— The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeks public input on a preliminary environmental assessment (EA) analyzing impacts from updates to the Integrated Pest Management Plan for invasive plants on the Campbell Tract, a 730-acre Special Recreation Management Area in Anchorage. The public comment period extends 15 days, with comments accepted through February 9.

BLM is proposing updates to Campbell Tract’s 2015 Integrated Pest Management Plan to reflect new research and treatment methods, increase effectiveness of invasive plant control efforts, and ensure there are no adverse effects toward pollinators. This analysis tiers off two BLM nationwide Programmatic Environmental Impact Statements for Vegetation Treatments (2007 PEIS and 2016 PEIS). Updates to invasive plants management at Campbell Tract include:

  • Expanding the acreage that would be treated for invasive species to cover all 730 acres of Campbell Tract. This would allow for more treatment of Prunus padus (bird cherry), one of Anchorage’s most pervasive invasive plants.
  • Allowing for the use of new treatment methods which have been proven effective for hard-to-control invasive species in the Anchorage area.

“BLM’s objective is to create an effective management toolbox for control and prevention of invasive plant species on the Campbell Tract,” said Jake Vialpando, Anchorage Field Office Manager. “The goal of this management plan is to make significant progress towards keeping Campbell Tract free of these invasive plant species.”

Comments can be submitted by February 9 online through the BLM National NEPA Register project site under the How to Get Involved tab or via mail (addressed to “Attn: Campbell Tract Integrated Pest Management, Anchorage Field Office, 4700 BLM Road, Anchorage, AK 99507”). 


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