BLM to host adoption event at Boise Off-Range Wild Horse Corral

Wild horses recently gathered from Idaho’s Owyhee Front will be available to qualified homes!



BLM Office:

Boise District Office

Media Contact:

Heather Tiel-Nelson

BOISE, Idaho–The BLM Boise District Office will host a wild horse adoption Nov. 10–12 at the Boise Wild Horse Off-Range Corral just off Pleasant Valley Road. There will be more than 100 wild horses available for adoption during the three-day event. These wild horses were gathered from the Black Mountain, Hardtrigger and Sands Basin Herd Management Areas in southwestern Idaho’s Owyhee Front in September.

  • Friday, Nov. 10

         1–5 p.m., view the wild horses

  • Saturday, Nov. 11

    8 a.m., gates open

         10–11 a.m., competitive bidding open

         1–5 p.m., first come, first served

  • Sunday Nov. 12

         8 a.m.–4 p.m., first come, first served

Of the wild horses available, 14 are six to nine-month-old geldings; 25 are six to nine-month-old fillies; more than 30 are geldings, ages two to five; and approximately 40 are mares between the ages of two and seven.

As part of the program’s efforts to find every wild horse and burro a good home, the BLM now offers up to $1,000 to adopt an untrained animal. This incentive will be offered for every animal in Boise. On July 26, 2021, BLM announced additional steps to secure the health and safety of animals through the Adoption Incentive Program, including conducting inspections of wild horses and burros within six months of the adoption date.

The BLM periodically removes excess animals from the range to maintain healthy herds and protect other rangeland resources. The Adoption and Sale Program is essential for achieving these important management goals. Since 1973, the BLM has placed more than 280,000 of these animals in approved homes across the country. 

BLM staff will approve applications onsite. To qualify:   

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old with no record of animal abuse.   
  • Homes must have a minimum of 400 square feet of corral space per animal, with access to food, water and shelter.  
  • Corral fence must meet height requirements:  
    • Adult horses - 6 feet   
    • Yearlings - 5 feet  
    • Burros - 4.5 feet    

For more information about the Wild Horse and Burro Program or to review adoption requirements, contact the BLM Boise District Office at 208-384-3300 or visit


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