BLM announces proposed actions for Bighorn Sheep efforts in San Bernardino County

A large bighorn sheep (BLM Photo)MORENO VALLEY, Calif. - The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), in cooperation with the BLM, will initiate a capture of Desert Bighorn Sheep within four wilderness areas managed by the Bureau of Land Management in San Bernardino County, the Trilobite, Clipper Mountain, Bristol Mountains and Kelso Dunes Wilderness. This effort is a coordinated response to address the current respiratory disease outbreak and to understand the demographics and movement patterns of Desert Bighorn Sheep within California.

The capturing operations will target already collared rams that may need adjustments to their radio collars to prevent a health and safety risk to the Bighorn Sheep. If a non-collared ram is found in conjunction with a collared ram, CDFW is requesting flexibility to collar the additional sheep. CDFW proposes to transport the captured Bighorn Sheep to a site outside of the wilderness where they will be checked by veterinarians and technicians and then released back in their original location.

Traveling distances for the captured sheep are anticipated to be shorter than ten miles each way. The entire operation, from capture to release, is expected to last approximately 60 minutes.

The project is proposed for the spring 2017 season. Survey and capture activities are anticipated to last approximately four days.

The public may view specific details regarding the proposed action in the Notification of Proposed Action (NOPA) on Public Lands Designated Part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. The NOPA can be accessed at:

For more information, contact Mona Daniels, Outdoor Recreation Planner, at


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