BLM announces 20-year extension for withdrawal of lands for Bureau of Reclamation projects in southern California


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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Bureau of Land Management announced today a public land order extension for the Boulder Canyon, Colorado River Storage, Senator Wash Pump Storage, and Yuma Reclamation Projects withdrawal for an additional 20-year period. The extension affects approximately 145,600 acres of federal land. The BLM formally processes land withdrawal applications for entities within the Department of the Interior.

This action supports the Biden-Harris administration’s priorities for serving families by supporting reclamation activities for regulating flows of the Colorado River; controlling floods; improving navigation; providing for storage and delivery of the waters of the Colorado River for reclamation of lands, including supplemental water supplies, and municipal, industrial, and other beneficial purposes; improving water quality; providing for outdoor recreation facilities; improving fish and wildlife conditions; and generation and sale of electric power.

The lands have been and will remain closed to settlement, sale, location, and entry under the general land laws, including the mining laws, subject to valid existing rights. The withdrawn lands have been and will remain open to leasing under the mineral leasing laws.

The lands are still being used for the purpose for which the original withdrawals were issued, and the extension allows the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to continue administering the lands for project purposes. The USBR expects no changes to operations, policy, management practices, or allowable uses resulting from the extension.

For further information about this withdrawal extension, please contact Heather Daniels at (916) 978-4674.

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