Riparian Area Management: Management Techniques in Riparian Areas


A large number of techniques have been developed to assist in managing riparian areas. These management (treatment) techniques can be as varied as the multiple uses that occur within riparian zones. Even though these techniques are discussed in relationship to riparian zones, some can be applied to other forms of wetlands. The following management techniques and their associated concepts are discussed in this document:
1. Fencing
2. Prescribed Burns
3. Forestry Practices
4. Vegetation Plantings
5. Opportunities from Mineral Activities
6. Structures
7. Beaver
8. Bank Stabilization
9. Recreation Planning
10. Road Construction and Maintenance

More detailed and comprehensive information (e.g., structure design and construction, costs, etc.) can be found in documents listed in the reference section under each technique. Technical Reference 1737-4 “Riparian Area Management: Grazing Management in Riparian Areas” (Kinch, 1989) and “Livestock Grazing on Western Riparian Areas” (Chaney et al., 1990) are two documents that provide detailed information on livestock grazing and management in riparian areas. Therefore grazing management is not addressed in this manual.

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