Zones of Restricted Activity for Protection of Key Fish Areas Along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System on Federally Administered Lands. Third Edition


This third edition of the Fish Streams Along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (previously titled TAPS Fish Streams) has been prepared and will be maintained by the Office of Pipeline Monitoring to facilitate the administration of environmental provisions of the Federal Agreement and Grant of Right-of-Way for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Specifically, this report is intended to serve as the source document for periodically updating a list of areas under Federal administration where pipeline activities may have to be restricted to protect fish breeding, spawning and major migration. However, this report is not the Federal Authorized Officer's list required under the Agreement and Grant of Right-of-Way for Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Stipulation 2.5.3, Zones of Restricted Activities. The Stipulation 2.5.3 list will only include streams in areas of Federal pipeline administration and will be separately prepared and issued to the Permittees' agent, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company.

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