Nevada Strip Fishery Survey


The Nevada Department of Wildlife and the Jarbidge District of the Bureau of Land Management entered into a Challenge Cost Share Agreement to conduct fishery surveys in specific streams located on the Nevada - Idaho border area within the Bruneau River Drainage. Streams that were surveyed included Deep Creek, Dorsey Creek, Columbet Creek, Dave Creek, East Fork Jarbidge River, Cherry Creek, and Deadman Creek. Redband trout were found to inhabit Columbet Creek, Dave Creek, East Fork Jarbidge River, Deadman Creek and the upper mile of Cherry Creek. Taylor Creek was deemed unsurveyable due to minimal, shallow flow conditions. Dorsey Creek and Deep Creek were fishless. There were two bull trout sampled on private ground on Dave Creek and these fish represent the lowest elevation that the species has been documented thus far in Dave Creek. Prevailing stream temperatures were as high as 64°F where the bull trout were collected. The private and Forest portions of Dave Creek were surveyed on several occasions for bull trout spawning beginning in September and ending in October. There were only four redds found and only one was on private land.

Stream habitat conditions were assessed using USFS, General Aquatic Wildlife Survey (GAWS)–Level 3 methodology on Deep Creek, Dorsey Creek, Columbet Creek, and the East Fork Jarbidge River. Streambanks were nearly all covered and stable and showed light to no ungulate damage. Deep (>0.3 m) pool habitat was assessed in electrofished sites and in GAWS habitat surveyed areas except in the East Fork Jarbidge River where all pools were at least 0.3 m deep. No deep pools were found in Dorsey Creek, Columbet Creek. One deep pool in Deep Creek was found between sampled sites and it was surveyed. Beaver ponds in Columbet Creek did meet depth criteria but they were not assessed. Active beaver ponds were also present in Cherry Creek. Large woody debris was present in Dave Creek and the East Fork Jarbidge River. The absence of fish in lower Cherry Creek necessitates that a check on streamflows be done in late August.

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