Guidebook to the Seeds of Native and Non-Native Grasses, Forbs and Shrubs of the Great Basin


This seed and plant guide contains descriptions of almost 250 native and non-native (introduced) plants and seeds used by the U. S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the Great Basin region of Oregon-Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California. It is a partial list of the grasses, forbs (wildflowers and herbaceous legumes) and shrubs available from commercial seed vendors in very limited to good quantities. The plants described are mostly considered to be plants found in arid land sites (less than 12 inches mean annual rainfall). The target audience includes natural resource specialists and other technical specialists who utilize seeds in BLM projects. The guidebook may be useful to others interested in seeds of Great Basin plants as well.

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Collection: BLM Library
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