Evaluation of Seedling Protection Materials in Western Oregon

Evaluation of Seedling Protection Materials in Western Oregon

A 3-year comparison was made for six materials to protect Douglas-fir seedlings from damage by wildlife. No treatment materials were maintained after the initial application. Tests were run on SLM Districts in western Oregon. Materials included a nested plastic mesh tube, a split plastic mesh tube, a paper bud cap, a plastic mesh tube cap, BGR spray and BGR powder Big Game Repellent. Nested plastic mesh tubes provided the most protection and significantly better growth than other treatments. Split, small-diameter plastic mesh tubes protected seedlings better and generally provided more growth than bud caps or repellents. Bud caps and repellents provided some protection and growth depending on type of damage and season of damage. Costs and comparisons of seedling growth for different materials are reported for Resource Areas. Damage was primarily caused by mountain beaver, elk, and black-tailed deer.

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