A Different Look at the Cooperative Animal Damage Study

A Different Look at the Cooperative Animal Damage Study

The Coos Bay District of the Bureau of Land Management participated in a Northwest-wide Cooperative Animal Damage Survey (CADS) initiated in the 1963-64 planting season. In 1979, data from the ten existing plots which were established on the District were analyzed. More importantly, the plots themselves were relocated and measured. The original data indicate that at the end of the first five growing seasons, the caged seedlings overall had 10 percent greater survival and 1.0 feet greater height growth then compared to the uncaged seedlings. The 1979 remeasurement (16 growing seasons after field planting) indicates the caged seedlings had a 9 percent greater survival and 2.3 feet greater height growth when compared to the uncaged seedlings. Though volume differences between plots was highly variable, overall, caged seedlings currently have produced 20 percent more volume than uncaged seedlings. Other observations comparing seedling performance. etc., with other CADS plots and the District's tree improvement program are included.

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