Delta National Wild and Scenic River 2005 Recreation User Survey


The purpose of this study was to describe Delta River users, their trips, and their opinions about the river and management options.

Specific objectives for the boater survey were to:
• Describe river user characteristics (demographics, residency, experience on the Delta, etc.)
• Describe trip characteristics (length, party size, craft, etc.)
• Describe reasons for taking trips and preferred opportunity types.
• Describe user perceptions of facilities and support for improvements or new development.
• Describe and evaluate current impact levels.
• Describe extent of potential conflicts between users and likely reasons for conflict.
• Describe support for management actions to address impacts or conflicts.
• Explore potential displacement and product shift among veteran users.
• Describe acceptability of ATV impacts and attitudes toward ATV management issues.
• Compare findings with those from other Alaskan river studies when possible.

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