AZ Vermilion Cliffs NM White Pocket Brochure

AZ White Pocket Brochure Cover

Enjoy exploring the awe-inspiring slickrock. These windswept layers of orange, yellow, and white formations were created over time by mineral deposits and shaped by the elements. Please help preserve the geologic formations so that present and future generations can enjoy them today and for years to come. 

You are responsible for your safety. If you get lost while hiking, experience a non-life-threatening emergency, or if your vehicle becomes stuck or breaks down, it is your responsibility, not the responsibility of emergency services or BLM, to deal with the situation. The roads that access White Pocket Trailhead consist of deep sand and patches of sharp rock. Four-wheel-drive high-clearance vehicles are required. Every year, many groups get stuck and stranded on the way to this trailhead as a result of attempting the drive without enough experience or in inappropriate vehicles. If you are unsure of your vehicle’s capabilities or simply don’t want to assume the risk, BLM recommends hiring an authorized guide. Information about authorized guides may be found at BLM visitor centers or on our website. 

The popularity of White Pocket is leading to impacts in the form of exposed human waste and toilet paper, excessive campfire rings, and vegetation damage. Please do your part to keep these areas clean and natural. If you camp in the area, use existing campsites, and keep them small. Bury human waste 6 inches deep, and well away from the campsite. Pack out all your trash, including food scraps and toilet paper. To minimize impact, do not damage trees or collect firewood. 

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