Cultural Heritage and Paleontology

The Mother’s Day Quarry Keeps Giving

Story by: Greg Liggett, Paleontologist, Montana/Dakotas State Office

New species of unusual dinosaur found in Montana

Story by: Greg Liggett, Geologist (Paleontologist), Montana/Dakotas State Office

Craig McCaa

Historic Fort Egbert: Encounter Alaska's Frontier Past at the End of the Road

Muleskinners, trappers, doctors, woodcutters, wireless operators, and Army officers charged with maintaining order on the wild and woolly frontier – at the dawn of the 20th century, Fort Egbert had all that and more. Learn about this fascinating chapter in Alaska history by visiting the restored fort buildings in the picturesque Yukon River town of Eagle at the end of the Taylor Highway.

Fort Craig, New Mexico and the Battle of Valverde

Story by Michael Merritt, Archaeologist. Photos by Brenda Wilkinson, Archaeologist, and Matthew Brady.