Creating miracles in the Nevada desert: Restoring Dixie Creek

Story by Headquarters Public Affairs. Photos courtesy of Carol Evans, Retired BLM Fisheries Biologist; Intermountain West Joint Venture; and Little Wild Productions.

BLM works with partners to acquire Shaw Reservoir water rights and storage space

Story by Maribeth Pecotte, Public Affairs Specialist. Photos by Roy Smith, Water Rights Specialist.

Iowa Gulch instream flow protection: Colorado Cutthroat Trout reintroduction

The BLM in Colorado worked with the Colorado Water Conservation Board to carry out hydraulic modelling, flow measurements, aquatic macroinvertebrate surveys, and riparian surveys to appropriate an

Borax Lake Chub: BLM partnerships help delist the Borax Lake Chub

The Burns District BLM worked in partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Nature Conservancy to reduce or eliminate threats to this hig