Whittaker Creek and Clay Creek campgrounds to remain closed for 2024 season, Bureau of Land Management announces

Northwest Oregon
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Eugene, Ore. — Whittaker Creek and Clay Creek campgrounds will remain closed at the start of the 2024 season. Both sites are in the Coast Range between Eugene and the Oregon Coast, off Highway 126 on the Siuslaw River.

sign for Whittaker Creek Recreation Site showing BLM logo and an arrow pointing the way. in the background are green trees and folks walking

Bureau of Land Management officials made the difficult decision to keep the campgrounds closed due to low staffing and the lack of campground host volunteers.

“Without adequate staffing, we can’t host visitors,” said Ben Watts, outdoor recreation planner for the BLM. The BLM relies on seasonal staff and the volunteer hosts to manage reservations, clean and maintain facilities, and ensure safe drinking water.

“Public safety, especially the safety of our visitors, is our top priority,” Watts said. “Opening sites without necessary staff leads to risks including increased crime and damage to natural resources.”

Both campgrounds were due to open at the end of April. All visitors with existing reservations have been notified.

Should adequate staffing and a camp host be secured, Whittaker Creek Campground may open later in the season. For information about becoming a campground host at this site, please call John Wardle at 503-375-5646 or send an email to BLM_OR_NO_Mail@blm.gov.