BLM welcomes new Idaho Resource Advisory Council members

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The Bureau of Land Management welcomes four new members appointed by the Secretary of the Interior to the Idaho Resource Advisory Council, which advises the agency on public land management issues. Zachary Funkhouser and Mckinsey Lyon will represent energy and minerals interests, Terrell Huddleston will speak for dispersed recreation and Kristy Tucker will bring commercial timber’s perspective to the RAC. 

"By working with Tribal and local government representatives, along with leaders from industry, the conservation community and our user groups, the Idaho Resource Advisory Council exemplifies the BLM’s collaborative approach to public land management,” said BLM Idaho State Director Karen Kelleher. “I want to welcome our newly appointed RAC members and commend them for their commitment to public service.” 

The 15-member Idaho RAC is composed of Idahoans chosen for their expertise and interest in natural resource issues and their desire for consensus building to advise the BLM in carrying out its multiple-use mission on nearly 12 million acres or nearly one-fourth the state’s total land area.  

“I’m excited to welcome Zach, McKinsey, Kristy and Terrell to the RAC;” said Idaho RAC Chair Scott Nichols. “We are looking forward to new perspectives and thoughtful collaborative discussion of issues facing Idaho’s public lands.” 

Each RAC member represents a user group or stakeholder interest in BLM public land management, such as environmental organizations, recreation, grazing permittees, industry officials, Tribes, local government, academics and the public.  With the new members in place, the RAC will begin meeting later this year with more information forthcoming on dates and locations. 

In order to fill additional seats that expire in the fall, the BLM is currently seeking nominations to the Idaho RAC until April 4. To learn more about the RAC, visit:  For more information, please contact MJ Byrne at 208-373-4006 or