BLM seeks comment on mine permitting metrics

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BLM Mining Performance Metrics Team

Consistent with Congressional direction from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Bureau of Land Management is asking the public to comment on agency efforts to better measure and track the timely and effective permitting of mineral exploration and development projects on BLM-managed public lands. A series of draft performance measures, which can be found on our Mining Performance Metrics webpage, are intended to measure how efficiently BLM is permitting appropriate mining projects. 

Section 40206 of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law directs BLM to develop performance metrics to “expedite the permitting of” critical mineral proposals, and to provide public notice and an opportunity to comment on those metrics. The three proposed new metrics are informed by the agency’s expertise implementing projects on the ground and insights from the Interagency Working Group on Mining Laws, Regulations, and Permitting, which released its final report on improving mining on public lands late last year. Although not required by Section 40206, BLM is also developing performance metrics to assess engagement with and outcomes for Tribes and communities that may be affected by mining projects. 

These metrics will help identify process improvements and drive better coordination and cooperation across different levels of government, while allowing the BLM to and industry to better provide early and meaningful engagement on mining proposals with potentially affected Tribes and nearby communities.  

A 30-day comment period opens today and is expected to close March 13, 2024. Comments on the metrics can be submitted to