BLM drills new water well at Devil’s Elbow Campground on Hauser Lake

Western Montana DO
Media Contact
David Abrams

BUTTE, Mont. — The Bureau of Land Management’s Butte Field Office has started construction of a new well at Devil’s Elbow Campground on Hauser Lake northeast of Helena.

Construction activities include drilling a well and trenching between the well and the garage/pumphouse to install the lines for the water to connect to the existing distribution system. Construction will also include replacing several hydrants throughout the campground and repairing several broken pipes and repairing irrigation lines as needed.

The existing water system at Devil’s Elbow needs to be renovated, which includes replacing the existing well. The static water level of the existing well is below the 25-foot required limit set by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, which means the BLM would need to continue chlorine treatment prior to serving the water to the public or staff. The current water chlorination treatments are corroding infrastructure, making the water system costly, labor intensive and not designed for year-round use.

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