Cedar Mountain

The Cedar Mountain Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) consists of 880 acres of public lands administered by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This horseshoe-shaped, juniper-rimmed mountain stands 1,000 feet above the Yampa Valley. Because of Cedar Mountain’s isolation from similar terrain, the rim provides a vantage point which offers a view of the surrounding countryside. There is a parking area, pit toilet, and individual and group picnic tables with fire grates. Motorized vehicle use is limited to the signed designated roads only. Cedar Mountain is a day-use only area. Cedar Mountain offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities year round. Recreational activities include wildlife viewing, nature study, picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and horseback riding. The 3.5 mile Stearns Trail starts from the parking area and is popular for foot, horseback, or mountain bike activities. There is also a half-mile hiking trail that begins at the covered picnic tables. Geocaching opportunities are also available. Additionally, Cedar Mountain’s natural qualities provide opportunities to experience isolation and solitude just a few miles from Craig. Cedar Mountain is available to hunting during the hunting season only. Hunters are requested to remove all animal skins and parts from the area. No shooting is allowed outside of hunting season. The geology of Cedar Mountain consists primarily of Browns Park Formation chalky-white colored sandstones. An ancient volcanic flow of basalt provides a weather resistant cap which forms the mountain. There are several small faults visible from the mountain. Vegetation includes juniper, sagebrush, and mountain brush. Mammals include mule deer, marmot, fox, coyote, squirrels and rabbits. Golden eagles, redtail hawks, and turkey vultures are present. During nesting season, rock outcrops along the rim should be avoided to prevent disturbing any fledglings. Cultural sites and artifacts may be present. Please leave them as you found them. All archeological sites and artifacts are protected by Federal law.

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Geographic Coordinates

40.57504, -107.61831


From Highway 40 on the west end of Craig, take Moffat County Road 7 north. The entrance road to Cedar Mountain is on the right about one half mile beyond the Gun Club shooting range. The day use parking area is just up the road. Motorized vehicle use is limited to designated roads. The designated roads are marked with signs


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