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Rogue National
Wild and Scenic River

Rogue River National Recreation Trail

Rogue River Trail Conditions Update

Posted: 3/22/16

A gentleman hiked the trail earlier this week, Grave Creek to Foster Bar, and provided BLM with the following information: "In general the trail is passable. Nothing super-obstructing, can get around it all." He indicated that conditions were worse on the USFS section. He reported the following details:

BLM section

  • 2 small debris slides past Meadow Creek, covering the trail. Each about 5-7 feet wide. The material is loose, he had to kick steps through the debris, and he reported being glad that he had trekking poles to get through.
  • Small debris slide in the vicinity of Quail Creek, trail passable.
  • Number of trees down on BLM section, but nothing more than step-overs or walk arounds.

USFS section

  • Large tree down 1/2 mile past Marial Traihead. Very obstructing, very dense. Had to crawl through, can't go around due to terrain and brush. Difficult, but passable.
  • Big Madrone across trail just past Inspiration Point, before Blossom Bar Creek.
  • Large tree down just after Paradise Lodge, passable.
  • Tree/rockslide after 1/2 Moon Bar, passable.

Rogue River Trail Maintenance Has NOT Been Done To Date

Posted: 3/18/16

  • Trail maintenance will occur April through June, after the rainy season.
  • Logs have been cleared off the trail from Grave Creek downriver about 8 miles, to just below Bronco Creek.
  • Trail conditions from mile 8 to mile 40 are unknown.
  • Snow and high river flows have hampered trail maintenance efforts.
  • Be prepared for trees across the trail, rock falls, impassable landslides, high water in the creeks and difficult shuttles.
  • Updates will be posted on this web page.

The Rogue River National Recreation Trail traverses the wild section of the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River along its entire length. Stretching 40 miles between Grave Creek and Big Bend, the trail offers some of southwestern Oregon's most amazing landscapes and rewarding hiking experiences. Majestic steep canyon walls, cascading waterfalls, and glistening streams are just a glimpse of the magnificent scenery in the Wild Rogue Canyon. Observation and exploration opportunities abound for hikers to observe wildlife, wildflowers and historical sites along the way.

To help plan for your trip, view or download the Rogue River Trail Guide (PDF) and the Rogue River National Recreation Trail Map (PDF). A booklet version of the Rogue River Trail Guide can be purchased at the Smullin Visitor Center at Rand.

For information about trail conditions between Grave Creek and Mule Creek call the Bureau of Land Management at 541-471-6500; and from Mule Creek to Big Bend call the USFS Gold Beach Ranger District at 541-247-3600.

Drinking water is NOT available at the Rogue River Ranch until further notice (10/17/14).

Trail Hiker Permits

A Wild Rogue Float Permit is required for trail hikers when trail hikers are supported by boaters. A Permit is not required if a hiker hikes the trail and packs all of their own gear.

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