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Rogue National
Wild and Scenic River


General Information

There are no limits on the number of people, no fees, and no permits required for private use of the river and public lands in the Hellgate Recreation area. There is a 14 day camping limit on all public lands. There are many businesses offering guided river trips, shuttle services, equipment rental, lodging, and supplies to assist you in your visit to the Rogue. Guide businesses are required to have a BLM special recreation permit and state guide's license to operate on the river.

Activities in the Hellgate Recreation Area include whitewater rafting, drift boat fishing, bank fishing, commercial jetboating, camping, scenic driving, swimming, picnicking, and sunbathing. The river is most often floated in a day, but overnight trips are possible. The first 14 miles has a lot of private land along its banks, so the public is asked to be courteous and respect private property.


There are 4 developed campgrounds, operated by Josephine County Parks, on this 27 mile stretch of river. Camping is also allowed on undeveloped public land along the Rogue between Hog Creek and Grave Creek. Because so much private property lies between the mouth of the Applegate River and Hog Creek, camping is not allowed along this stretch of river, except in the developed campgrounds.

Foster Bar and Illahe

The west trail head, Foster Bar, has camping, toilets and overnight parking. Drinking water is available, May through September, one mile downriver at Illahe Campground. Camp hosts staff both Foster Bar and Illahe campgrounds May through September. Contact the U.S. Forest Service for more information on Foster Bar and Illahe campgrounds.

Grave Creek

Grave Creek (east trail head) has toilets and a small parking area along the road above the trail head. Overnight parking and camping are not allowed at the Grave Creek boat ramp area. Drinking water and camping are available about 4 miles upriver from Grave Creek, at Almeda Campground. This is a Josephine County campground open year round, with a camp host April 15 to October 15. Water is available April to November.

Rogue River Trail

Marial Road provides vehicle access to the middle portion of the Rogue River Trail. Click here for a map to the Marial area. The area is located by Mule Creek and hosts Rogue River Ranch (23 trail miles from Grave Creek), Tucker Flat Campground (23.4 trail miles from Grave Creek), and Marial Lodge (24.3 trail miles from Grave Creek).  Our Shuttle Routes page may also be helpful for your trip planning.

Rogue River Ranch

Rogue River Ranch is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors are welcome to explore the ranch area and look inside the museum when it is open. The ranch has a picnic table, toilet, and a small parking area for visitors. Volunteers keep the museum open and maintain the ranch from May to October.

Tucker Flat Campground

Tucker Flat Campground has six campsites and is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management. Tucker Flat is right next to Mule Creek and provides rustic, dry camping with toilets, picnic tables, and a trail head to the Wild Rogue Wilderness.