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Be a Campground Host with BLM Wyoming

2011 Opportunities


What are campground hosts?
Duties of a campground host include:

  • welcomes and provides information to campground visitors
  • is generally responsible for campground management and maintenance
  • collects fees
  • conducts visitor surveys
  • serves as emergency contact person for the campground
  • sets an example of good camping practices for other visitors in the area 

What benefits do I receive as a campground host for BLM? Hosts are provided with a free campsite. As funding allows, they may receive reimbursement for incidental expenses and use of a partial BLM uniform.

Who can be a campground host? Anyone over the age of 21.

What kind of a time commitment is required to be a host? A minimum of one month is required with the full season running from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The date a specific campground opens depends on when roads becomes passable from winter snows. Hosts are required to live on-site, work five days per week, and must work weekends.

What kind of skills do I need? Critical skills for hosts include:

  • good communication skills
  • ability to deal with the public in a friendly and courteous manner
  • good camping and outdoor ethics are required
  • ability to lift up to 25 pounds
  • ability to work outdoors in temperatures which range from the low 30's in the evenings to the upper 80's during the day

What kind of equipment do I need? Hosts must have a self-contained camping unit. Some areas may require a 4-wheel drive vehicle or other type of off-road vehicle in order to get around.