Dataset:RMP - Record of Decision
Data type:polygon/linesScale/resolution:1:24,000 - 1:100,000
Date:2007/2012Projection:UTM Zone 13, NAD83
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This data was used to create the maps for the "Approved Casper RMP and Record of Decision".

This data will not be updated. To find out if any of the data has been updated since January 2012, contact the GIS Specialist at the Casper Field Office.

Shapefiles for each theme type have been added to an individual zipfile, then all zipfiles are contained in one large zipfile.

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Closed Restrictions: (1289 KB)

Controlled Surface Use: (24,399 KB)

No Surface Occupancy: (7,277 KB)

Timing Limitation Stips: (7,869 KB)