Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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FY 2013 Instruction Memorandums

Date Issued



Sept. 26, 2013WY-2013-046

Transmittal of Mineral Materials Memorandum of Understanding
      Attach 1 – Memorandum of Understanding & Operating Guidelines

Aug. 19, 2013WY-2013-041Incorporation of the Bureau of Land Management Programmatic Biological Assessment and the resulting Biological Opinion for Blowout Penstemon (Penstemon haydenii) into the Casper and Rawlins RMPs
July 8, 2013


Wyoming Coal Lease-by-Application (LBA) Processing Responsibilities
      Attach 1 – Major Steps and Associated Responsibilities for Federal Coal Lease by Applications in Wyoming
June 11, 2013WY-2013-035

Step-by-step Cooperative Strategy for Use of Web-based Density and Disturbance Calculation Tool (DDCT)
      Attach 1 - DDCT Process
      Attach 2 - Sage-Grouse Executive Order 2011-5 DDCT Worksheet
      Attach 3 - Sage-Grouse Executive Order 2011-5 DDCT Worksheet Questions 
      Attach 4 - DDCT Workflow Diagram

May 28, 2013WY-2013-032

Weather Information Management System/Remote Automated Weather Station (WIMS/RAWS) Guide
      Attach 1 - WIM/RAWS Operations Guide

May 16, 2013

WY-2013-030Internet Misuse, Email Etiquette and Proper Use Policy
April 10, 2013WY-2013-029Employee Performance Appraisal Plans (EPAPs)
Jan. 31, 2013WY-2013-020Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Allocation Process for 1653 and 1660 Sub-activities
      Attach 1 – FY 2013 Budget 1660, 1653, 2110  
      Attach 2 – 2013 Distribution of Assets Based on FAMS
Jan. 22, 2013WY-2013-019Rental for Produced Water Injection Facilities and Wells
Dec. 13, 2012WY-2013-012Fiscal Year 2013 Deadlines for Submission of Wyoming Purchase Requisitions
Nov. 21, 2012WY-2013-008BLM Wyoming WY Flag Policy and Guidance 
      Attach 1 - GSA Flag Policy 
      Attach 2 - Departmental Manual 310 Chapter 5 
      Attach 3 - 4 United States Code Chapter 1
Oct. 31, 2012WY-2013-005

Interim Management Guidance for Migratory Bird Conservation Policy on Wyoming BLM Administered Public Lands Including the Federal Mineral Estate 
      Attach 1 - Copy of Presidential Executive Order 13186 
      Attach 2 - Copy 2010 BLM/USFWS MOU 
      Attach 3 - WO IM-2008-050 
      Attach 4 - List of Migratory Bird Conservation Publications

Oct. 11, 2012WY-2013-002

Employee Performance Appraisal Plans (EPAPs)
      Attach 1 - DI-451, Recommendation and Approval of Awards  
      Attach 2 - DI-3100, Employee Performance Appraisal Plan  
      Attach 3 - DI-3100S, Supervisory Performance Appraisal Plan  
      Attach 4 - DOIs Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2011 - 2016