Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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FY 2010 Instruction Memorandums

Date Issued



Sept. 22, 2010


National Rangeland Inventory, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RIME) Report
     Attach 1 – National RIME Report
Sept. 22, 2010


Draft Programmatic Agreement Implementing the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) 
     Attach 1 - Draft Revised Programmatic Agreement
August 20, 2010


Email: Etiquette and Proper Use
     Attach 1 - Netiquette
August 4, 2010WY-2010-044Employee Performance Appraisal Plans (EPAPs)
August 4, 2010WY-2010-043National Training Center (NTC) Training Events
August 3, 2010WY-2010-042Policy for Position Management, Accretion of Duties Promotions 
     Attach 1 – Format for Justification of Promotion Action Based on Accretion of Duties
July 27, 2010


FY 2010 Heritage Programs Annual Report and Data Call 
     Attach 1 - WO IM No. 2010-140 
     Attach 2 - Questionnaire 
     Attach 3 - WY FY09 and FY10 CCS data 
     Attach 4 - WY Historic Structures data 
     Attach 5 - LOOT form
July 23, 2010WY-2010-040Weather Information Management System/Remote Automated Weather Station Guide 
     Attach 1 – WIM/RAWS Operations Guide
July 22, 2010WY-2010-038Update of Mineral Material Prices
July 16, 2010WY-2010-037BLM Wyoming Awards Policy 
     Attach 1 - 370 DM 451 (25 pp.) 
     Attach 2 - Word version of DI-451, May 2008 
     Attach 3 - BLM WY Delegation of Authority Manual, 1400-451
June 21, 2010WY-2010-034Work Schedules, Credit Hours, Overtime, and Compensatory Time
May 28, 2010WY 2010-032Tornado Emergencies Procedures
April 21, 2010WY-2010-028Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Code for Administrative Program Support Costs – Formerly 0777
April 5, 2010WY-2010-027Update of the BLM Wyoming Sensitive Species List - 2010
     Attachment 1 - Summary of Additions & Deletions to List
     Attachment 2 - 2010 Sensitive Species List
Mar. 23, 2010WY-2010-023Stewardship of the National Hydrography and Watershed Boundary Datasets 
     Attach 1 - Washington Office IM No. 2009-212
Mar. 10, 2010WY-2010-021Internal Control Review Requirements and Request for Wyoming’s Internal Control Review Activities (ICRA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010
     Attach 1 - Wyoming State Component Inventory
     Attach 2 - FY 2010 Internal Control Review Accomplishments
Jan. 26, 2010WY-2010-017Fiscal Year 2010 Deadlines for Submission of WY Purchase Requisitions
Jan. 15, 2010WY-2010-016BLM Wyoming Policy on the Disposition of Housing Rental Income
Jan. 8, 2010WY-2010-015Review Procedures for Construction and Service Contracts under $25,000
Jan. 7, 2010WY-2010-014Update of the Review Procedures of Environmental Documents
Dec. 29, 2009WY-2010-013Oil and Gas Leasing Screen for Greater Sage-Grouse
Dec. 29, 2009WY-2010-012Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Management Policy on Wyoming BLM Administered Public Lands including the Federal Mineral Estate
Dec. 3, 2009WY-2010-010Procurement and Licensing of Information Technology (IT) Hardware and Software
Dec. 3, 2009WY-2010-009FY 2010 1650 and 2110 Budget Allocation for the Field Offices
Oct. 27, 2009WY-2010-003National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Resource Management Planning
     Attach 1 - Wyoming Staff Document Review Team
     Attach 2 - Comment Form
Oct. 20, 2009WY-2010-001Acceptable Forms of Financial Guarantees for Locatable Mineral Plans of Operation and Notices, and Exclusive Mineral Material Sales
     Attach 1 - Listing of self-bonded mine permits