Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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FY 2009 Instruction Memorandums

Date Issued



Sept. 30, 2009WY-2009-037National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Public Participation and Internet Register
July 24, 2009WY-2009-033FY 2009 Cultural Resource Management Program Annual Report
    Attach 1 – WO IM No. 2009-165 
    Attach 2 – Cultural Resource Annual Report Questionnaire 
    Attach 3 – WY FY 2008 and FY 2009 Funded CCS and Cooperator projects 
    Attach 4 – WY BLM Historic Structures 
    Attach 5 – Listing of Outlaw Treachery (LOOT)
July 15, 2009WY-2009-030Wyoming Statewide Policy on the Use and Care of Government Provided Vehicles/Equipment
June 5, 2009WY-2009-026Wyoming Statewide Guidance for Government Provided Housing Fiscal Year 2009 Inventories
April 23, 2009WY-2009-023Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Personal Protective Equipment Standard - 29 CFR 1910.132
Mar. 30, 2009


Wyoming Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Reclamation Policy 
Feb. 25, 2009WY-2009-018Guidelines for Processing Multi-Jurisdictional Special Recreation Permits (SRPs) for Commercial Outfitting and Guide Activities on Public Lands in Wyoming
    Attach 1 – Guidelines for Processing Multi-Jurisdictional SRPs for Commercial Outfitting and Guide Activities on Public Lands in Wyoming
    Attach 2 – Special Recreation Permit Interoffice Coordination Report
Jan. 28, 2009WY-2009-015Complaints of Discrimination
Jan. 27, 2009WY-2009-014Fatigue Driving & Work Hours Policy
   Attach 1 - “Wake Up Call”
Jan. 12, 2009WY-2009-013

Update of Wyoming Minimum Price List for Forest & Vegetative Products, Management of the 9120 Road Maintenance Account, & Forest Products Special Stipulations 
   Attach 1 - Jan. 2009 Forest/Vegetative Product Minimum Price List
   Attach 2 - Forest Product Personal Use Cutting Permit Special Provisions

Dec. 3, 2008WY-2009-010Fiscal Year 2009 Deadlines for Submission of WY Purchase Requisitions
Nov. 17, 2008WY-2009-009

Required Data for BLM’s 2008 Volunteer Annual Report
   Attach 1 – FY 2008 Volunteer Report Submission Instructions
   Attach 2 – FY 2008 BLM Volunteer Hours
   Attach 3 – FY 2008 NLCS Vounteer Hours

Oct. 2, 2008

WY-2009-001Reporting FY2008 Riparian-Wetland Accomplishments