FY 2007 Instruction Memorandums

Date Issued



Sept. 25, 2007 WY-2007-039Section 7 Consultation Guidance for Projects Resulting in Platte River Depletions
Sept. 4, 2007 WY-2007-037Bald Eagle Delisting Guidance  
August 27, 2007WY-2007-036Reporting FY 07 Riparian-Wetland Accomplishments
August 17, 2007WY-2007-034Abandoned Mined Land Project
August 10, 2007WY-2007-031Fire and Aviation Safety Team Report and Follow-Up
August 3, 2007WY-2007-030Fiscal Year 2007 Cultural Resource Management Program Annual Report
July 27, 2007WY-2007-028Timber Volume Measurement
June 18, 2007WY-2007-026Mandatory EEO Training for Fiscal Year (FY) 2007
June 19, 2007WY-2007-025FY 2007 End-of-Year Recreation Management Information System (RMIS) Data Call
May 15, 2007WY-2007-024Beneficial Use Policy – Fuel Gas Use for Water Production Tanks
May 11, 2007WY-2007-023Uniform Allowance
May 08, 2007WY-2007-022Wyoming Office Hours and Office Coverage
April 17, 2007WY-2007-020RMP Maintenance Action: Incorporation of the BLM’s Programmatic Biological Assessment for the Threatened Ute Ladies’-tresses Orchid (Spiranthes diluvialis) and the USFWS Informal/Formal Consultation (Biological Opinion) into Field Office RMPs by Maintenance Action
April 17, 2007WY-2007-018RMP Maintenance Action: Incorporation of the BLM’s Programmatic Biological Evaluation for the Mountain Plover (Charadrius montanus) and the USFWS Inter-agency Coordination Memorandum into Field Office RMPs by Maintenance Action
March 22, 2007WY-2007-014Draft Geophysical Cultural Resource Report Standards
March 20, 2007WY-2007-012 Mid-Year Safety Awareness
March 19, 2007WY-2007-011Memorandum from the Solicitor, Using State CWA Permitting Processes in BLM NEPA Analysis
March 15, 2007WY-2007-010Update of Wyoming Minimum Price List for Forest and Vegetative Products, Management of the 9120 Road Maintenance Account, and Forest Products Special Stipulations
March 5, 2007WY-2007-009Wyoming Interim Reclamation Policy 
Jan. 24, 2007WY-2007-006Review of Standardized Surface Use Definitions
Dec. 13, 2006WY-2007-004Fiscal Year 2007 Deadlines for Submission of WY Purchase Requisitions
Oct. 31, 2006WY-2007-003Request for Compilation of Data for BLM’s 2006 Volunteer Annual Report