Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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FY 2007 Instruction Memorandums

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Sept. 25, 2007 WY-2007-039Section 7 Consultation Guidance for Projects Resulting in Platte River Depletions
Sept. 4, 2007 WY-2007-037Bald Eagle Delisting Guidance  
August 27, 2007WY-2007-036Reporting FY 07 Riparian-Wetland Accomplishments
August 17, 2007WY-2007-034Abandoned Mined Land Project
August 10, 2007WY-2007-031Fire and Aviation Safety Team Report and Follow-Up
August 3, 2007WY-2007-030Fiscal Year 2007 Cultural Resource Management Program Annual Report
July 27, 2007WY-2007-028Timber Volume Measurement
June 18, 2007WY-2007-026Mandatory EEO Training for Fiscal Year (FY) 2007
June 19, 2007WY-2007-025FY 2007 End-of-Year Recreation Management Information System (RMIS) Data Call
May 15, 2007WY-2007-024Beneficial Use Policy – Fuel Gas Use for Water Production Tanks
May 11, 2007WY-2007-023Uniform Allowance
May 08, 2007WY-2007-022Wyoming Office Hours and Office Coverage
April 17, 2007WY-2007-020RMP Maintenance Action: Incorporation of the BLM’s Programmatic Biological Assessment for the Threatened Ute Ladies’-tresses Orchid (Spiranthes diluvialis) and the USFWS Informal/Formal Consultation (Biological Opinion) into Field Office RMPs by Maintenance Action
April 17, 2007WY-2007-018RMP Maintenance Action: Incorporation of the BLM’s Programmatic Biological Evaluation for the Mountain Plover (Charadrius montanus) and the USFWS Inter-agency Coordination Memorandum into Field Office RMPs by Maintenance Action
March 22, 2007WY-2007-014Draft Geophysical Cultural Resource Report Standards
March 20, 2007WY-2007-012 Mid-Year Safety Awareness
March 19, 2007WY-2007-011Memorandum from the Solicitor, Using State CWA Permitting Processes in BLM NEPA Analysis
March 15, 2007WY-2007-010Update of Wyoming Minimum Price List for Forest and Vegetative Products, Management of the 9120 Road Maintenance Account, and Forest Products Special Stipulations
March 5, 2007WY-2007-009Wyoming Interim Reclamation Policy 
Jan. 24, 2007WY-2007-006Review of Standardized Surface Use Definitions
Dec. 13, 2006WY-2007-004Fiscal Year 2007 Deadlines for Submission of WY Purchase Requisitions
Oct. 31, 2006WY-2007-003Request for Compilation of Data for BLM’s 2006 Volunteer Annual Report