FY 2014 Information Bulletins

Date Issued



Aug. 28, 2014WY-2014-0162014 Fire & Aviation Management Post-Season Meeting Notification
July 22, 2014WY-2014-0152014 New Employee Orientation
July 15, 2014WY-2014-014Tornado Emergencies Procedures
May 23, 2014WY-2014-013Wyoming 2014 Wildland Fire Preparedness Reviews
May 8, 2014WY-2014-011Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and the Prevention of Harassment
March 28, 2014WY-2014-009Wyoming Fuels, Community Assistance and Fire Planning Program Evaluation
    Attach 1 - State Evaluation Guide  
    Attach 2 - Criteria for Fire Planning, Fuels Management and Community Assistance State Evaluation Power Point Presentations
March 21, 2014


Nominations for the 2013 BLM Wyoming Fire & Aviation Leadership Award
    Attach 1 - Criteria for BLM Wyoming Fire & Aviation Management Leadership Award

Feb. 27, 2014WY-2014-0052014 Fire & Aviation Management Pre-Season Meeting Notification
Dec. 4, 2013WY-2014-002Wyoming Oil & Gas State Taxes