FY 2012 Information Bulletins

Date Issued



July 10, 2012WY-2012-018Wyoming State Office Fire/Aviation Contact List
March 5, 2012WY-2012-022

Wyoming Budget Team (WBT) Charter
    Attach 1 - BLM Wyoming Budget Team Charter

Febr. 24, 2012WY-2012-017Cooperating Agencies: Inventory of Lands with Wilderness Characteristics
Febr. 16, 2012WY-2012-016Preserve Wyoming Conference 2012 and Landscape Training
    Attach 1 - Preserve Wyoming 2012 workshop and conference flyer
Febr. 7, 2012WY-2012-0152012 Fire & Aviation Management Pre-Season Meeting Notification 
    Attach 1 – Wyoming Fire & Aviation Meeting Agenda Item Request Form
Jan. 10, 2012WY-2012-011Clarification of Program Coordination with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Abandoned Mine Land Division
Jan. 6, 2012WY-2012-010BLM National Programmatic Agreement Revision
    Attach 1 – Press Release 
    Attach 2 – Conveyance Letter 
    Attach 3 – Revised Agreement  
    Attach 4 – Response Letter
Dec. 21, 2011WY-2012-009Develop a Statewide Training Cadre for Travel and Transportation Planning 
    Attach 1 - Wyoming’s TTM Timelines
Nov. 15, 2011WY-2012-005Wyoming Oil and Gas State Taxes 
    Attach 1 - Wyoming Oil and Gas State Taxes
Oct. 25, 2011WY-2012-002Historic Trails Context Data Request

Oct. 17, 2011


2011 Fire and Aviation Management Post-Season Meeting Notification