FY 2010 Information Bulletins

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Aug. 24, 2010WY-2010-022Transmittal of the publication “Grazing Influence, Management, and Objective Development in Wyoming's Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat”
    Attach 1 - Grazing Influence, Management, and Objective Development
    in Wyoming's Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat
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May 14, 2010WY 2010-020ArcPad 8.0 Introduction and National Invasive Species Information Management System Training
Apr. 26, 2010WY-2010-018Clarification of the Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (POVs) for Government Travel
Feb. 12, 2009WY-2010-0122010 Fire and Aviation Management Pre-Season Meeting Notification
Feb. 10, 2010WY-2010-011Nominations for the 2009 Wyoming BLM Fire and Aviation Leadership Award 
    Attach 1:  Criteria
Feb. 4, 2010WY-2010-010Request from the State Historic Preservation Officer
Jan. 29, 2010WY-2010-009Wyoming 2010 Wildland Fire Preparedness Reviews
Nov. 19, 2009WY-2010-004Board of Survey Designation
Nov. 25, 2009WY-2010-003Annual Protocol Meeting
Oct. 27, 2009WY-2010-0022009 Fire and Aviation Management Post-Season Meeting
    Attach 1:  Post Season Fire and Aviation Management Agenda
Oct. 23, 2009 


Wyoming Oil and Gas State Taxes w/attach