FY 2009 Information Bulletins

Date Issued



June 5, 2009WY-2009-026Wyoming Statewide Policy on Property Use and Retention
May 27, 2009WY-2009-025Statewide Billing and Collections Workshop
May 26, 2009WY-2009-023NAGPRA Training
May 19, 2009WY-2009-022Wyoming State Office Fire/Aviation Contact List
April 29, 2009WY-2009-021Wyoming 2009 Wildland Fire Preparedness Reviews
April 6, 2009WY-2009-020Statewide Recreation and National Landscape Conservation System Retreat
    Attachment 1 – NCLS Agenda
April 3, 2009WY-2009-019Nominations for 2009 Take Pride in America Federal Land Manager National Award Category
Feb. 26, 2009WY-2009-017

Nominations for Wyoming Fire Leadership Award

Feb. 9, 2009WY-2009-0152009 Fire and Aviation Management Pre-Season Meeting Notification
Jan. 5, 2009WY-2009-012Interest Announcement for Collateral-Duty Special Emphasis
Program Manager
Nov. 19, 2008WY-2008-010Hazardous or Severe Weather Policy
Nov. 19, 2008WY-2008-009Building Security Alarm
Nov. 19, 2008WY-2008-008Board of Survey Designation

Oct. 30, 2008

WY-2008-0042008 Fire and Aviation Management Post-Season Meeting Agenda
    Attachment 1 – Agenda
Oct. 9, 2008WY-2008-003Mineral Materials on School Section Conveyances
Oct. 9, 2008WY-2009-002 Fire/Aviation Management Post-Season Fall Meeting

Oct. 2, 2008


 Statewide Protocol Training