FY 2008 Information Bulletins

Date Issued



July 15, 2008wy2008-017Wyoming Oil and Gas State Taxes
June 9, 2008wy2008-016 Wyoming State Office Fire/Aviation Contact List
Apr. 23, 2008 wy2008-013 

2008 Spring Fire/Aviation Pre-Season Meeting

Feb. 27, 2008 wy2008-009 Upcoming Training Opportunities for Cultural Staff  
Jan.23, 2008wy2008-008 Segregated Leases and Suspensions   
Jan. 22, 2008wy2008-007 Statewide Cultural Meeting and Annual Protocol Meeting  
Jan. 14, 2008wy2008-006Building Security Alarm 
Nov. 5, 2007wy2008-005 Restoration of Annual Leave  
Oct. 23, 2007wy2008-004State Board of Survey Appointments   
Oct. 5, 2007wy2008-003 History Mystery IV: “Mysterious Lighthouses and Light Beacons”  
Oct. 5, 2007wy2008-0022007 Fall Fire/Aviation Post-Season Meeting 
Oct. 1, 2007wy2008-0012008 CFR and Miscellaneous Publications Distribution List