FY 2007 Information Bulletins

Date Issued 



Sept. 10, 2007 WY-2007-0302007 Fall Fire/Aviation Post Season Meeting  
Sept. 4, 2007 WY-2007-029 Guidance for Use of Standardized Surface Use Definitions  
August 16, 2007WY-2007-027 Request for Cultural Resource Specialist Assistance  
July 31, 2007 WY-2007-026Building Security Alarm  
July 26, 2007 WY-2007-024 Wyoming Oil and Gas State Taxes  
July 6, 2007WY-2007-023Brochure – Save the Past For the Future
July 6, 2007WY-2007-022 Draft Interagency Agreement with Federal Highway Administration
July 2, 2007WY-2007-021 Publications Distribution List for Bulk Distribution
June 19, 2007WY-2007-020 Technical Fire Mapping Specifications
June 6, 2007 WY-2007-019 Deputy Preservation Officer Position
April 23, 2007WY-2007-017 Audit of Wyoming Commercial Special Recreation Permits (SRPs)
March 28, 2007WY-2007-015 2007 Spring Fire/Aviation Pre-Season Meeting
March 26, 2007WY-2007-014 Call for Nominations for Hands on the Land Network
March 9, 2007WY-2007-013 2007 Spring Fire/Aviation Pre-Season Meeting
Feb. 13, 2007WY-2007-012 Wyoming State Office Fire/Aviation Contact List
Feb. 13, 2007WY-2007-011 Nominations for BLM’s 2007 “Making a Difference” National Volunteer Awards
Jan. 16, 2007WY-2007-009 Interest Announcement for Collateral-Duty Special Emphasis Program Managers
Jan. 11, 2007WY-2007-008Annual Rocky Mountain Burn Boss Meeting and Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Smoke Management Program Review
Dec. 1, 2006WY-2007-006 Statewide Billing and Collections Workshop
Nov.28, 2006WY-2007-005 State Board of Survey Appointments
Nov. 9, 2006WY-2007-004 Restoration of Annual Leave
Oct. 30, 2006WY-2007-003Hazardous or Severe Weather Policy
Oct. 11, 2006WY-2007-002 Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor Vacancies
Oct.4, 2006WY-2007-001 Statewide Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Documentation Standards for Cultural Resource Reports on Actions Also Requiring Federal Communications Commission  Approval