FY 2006 Information Bulletins

Date Issued 



Sept. 26, 2006wy2006-037Adventures in the Past Publication 
Sept. 25, 2006wy2006-036Reporting FY2006 Riparian-Wetland Accomplishments  
Aug. 29, 2006wy2006-032 2007 CFR and Miscellaneous Publications Distribution List  
Aug. 9, 2006wy2006-031Employee Responsibility for Government Personal Property  
Aug. 8, 2006wy2006-030 Orientation on Revised BLM/SHPO Protocol – September 6, 2006
July 21, 2006wy2006-029Information Bulletin No. 2006-105, Nominations for the Bureau of Land Management’s 2006 “Excellence in Interpretation or Environmental Education” Awards  
July 10, 2006wy2006-028 FY 2006 Cultural Resource Management Program Annual Report  
July 7, 2006wy2006-027 Implementation of the Revised Wyoming BLM/SHPO Protocol 
July 3, 2006wy2006-026 Publications Distribution List for Bulk Distribution 
June 20, 2006wy2006-025 Bureau of Land Management 2007 Visitor Survey - IB No. 2006-095
May 24, 2006wy2006-024Request for Nominations – Lands, Realty and Adjudication Courses for FY 2007
May 19, 2006wy2006-023 State Office Contacts for Planning and NEPA Projects
April 20, 2006wy2006-021Training on Revised Wyoming Bureau of Land Management/State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) Protocol
April 14, 2006wy2006-020 Request for Nominations - Course 3700-09 Advanced Groundwater Hydrology
March 30, 2006wy2006-019 Wyoming Pre-Season Fire Meeting: Fuels Meeting; King Radio Training
March 15, 2006wy2006-018Copies of BLM National Scenic and Historic Trails Strategy and Work Plan
Feb. 24, 2006wy2006-017Wyoming Oil and Gas State Taxes
March 1, 2006wy2006-016Cooperative Conservation Awards
Feb. 28, 2006wy2006-015Response to Washington Office IB Number 2006-066. 2006 American Recreation Coalition Beacon Award and the Bureau of Land Management 2006 Legends Honoree
Feb. 24, 2006wy2006-014 Documentation of Employee Details and Temporary Promotions
Feb. 15, 2006wy2006-013 Statewide Recreation Workshop
Jan. 27, 2006wy2006-012Hazardous or Severe Weather Policy
Jan.  25, 2006wy2006-011 Nominations for BLM’s 2005 “Making a Difference” National Volunteer Awards
Jan. 23, 2006wy2006-009Call for Nominations for Hands on the Land Network
Dec. 16, 2005wy2006-006Antiquities Act Centennial
Dec. 9, 2005wy2006-005 Cooperating Agency Interaction
Oct. 28, 2005wy2006-004 Availability of Master Title Plats and Historical Indexes
Oct. 17, 2005wy2006-003 Alternative Dispute Resolution/Conflict Prevention Program in Wyoming
Oct. 17, 2005wy2006-002Review of Second Internal Draft Protocol Revision Document
Oct. 7, 2004wy2006-0012005 Fall Fire/Aviation Post Season Meeting