Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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FY 2006 Information Bulletins

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Sept. 26, 2006wy2006-037Adventures in the Past Publication 
Sept. 25, 2006wy2006-036Reporting FY2006 Riparian-Wetland Accomplishments  
Aug. 29, 2006wy2006-032 2007 CFR and Miscellaneous Publications Distribution List  
Aug. 9, 2006wy2006-031Employee Responsibility for Government Personal Property  
Aug. 8, 2006wy2006-030 Orientation on Revised BLM/SHPO Protocol – September 6, 2006
July 21, 2006wy2006-029Information Bulletin No. 2006-105, Nominations for the Bureau of Land Management’s 2006 “Excellence in Interpretation or Environmental Education” Awards  
July 10, 2006wy2006-028 FY 2006 Cultural Resource Management Program Annual Report  
July 7, 2006wy2006-027 Implementation of the Revised Wyoming BLM/SHPO Protocol 
July 3, 2006wy2006-026 Publications Distribution List for Bulk Distribution 
June 20, 2006wy2006-025 Bureau of Land Management 2007 Visitor Survey - IB No. 2006-095
May 24, 2006wy2006-024Request for Nominations – Lands, Realty and Adjudication Courses for FY 2007
May 19, 2006wy2006-023 State Office Contacts for Planning and NEPA Projects
April 20, 2006wy2006-021Training on Revised Wyoming Bureau of Land Management/State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) Protocol
April 14, 2006wy2006-020 Request for Nominations - Course 3700-09 Advanced Groundwater Hydrology
March 30, 2006wy2006-019 Wyoming Pre-Season Fire Meeting: Fuels Meeting; King Radio Training
March 15, 2006wy2006-018Copies of BLM National Scenic and Historic Trails Strategy and Work Plan
Feb. 24, 2006wy2006-017Wyoming Oil and Gas State Taxes
March 1, 2006wy2006-016Cooperative Conservation Awards
Feb. 28, 2006wy2006-015Response to Washington Office IB Number 2006-066. 2006 American Recreation Coalition Beacon Award and the Bureau of Land Management 2006 Legends Honoree
Feb. 24, 2006wy2006-014 Documentation of Employee Details and Temporary Promotions
Feb. 15, 2006wy2006-013 Statewide Recreation Workshop
Jan. 27, 2006wy2006-012Hazardous or Severe Weather Policy
Jan.  25, 2006wy2006-011 Nominations for BLM’s 2005 “Making a Difference” National Volunteer Awards
Jan. 23, 2006wy2006-009Call for Nominations for Hands on the Land Network
Dec. 16, 2005wy2006-006Antiquities Act Centennial
Dec. 9, 2005wy2006-005 Cooperating Agency Interaction
Oct. 28, 2005wy2006-004 Availability of Master Title Plats and Historical Indexes
Oct. 17, 2005wy2006-003 Alternative Dispute Resolution/Conflict Prevention Program in Wyoming
Oct. 17, 2005wy2006-002Review of Second Internal Draft Protocol Revision Document
Oct. 7, 2004wy2006-0012005 Fall Fire/Aviation Post Season Meeting