Dinosaur Corners Markers

Stephen W. Downey, U.S. Deputy Surveyor

Stephen Downey was a Colonel in the civil war, a rank he attained at age 22. He was discharged after Harpers Ferry due to wounds sustained in the battle. He practiced law in Washington D.C. for several years prior to moving to Laramie, Wyoming Territory in 1869.

In Laramie, Stephen Downey practiced law and opened a survey office with Mortimer N. Grant, later a US Deputy Surveyor. With his brother William O. Downey, also a US Deputy Surveyor, he became extensively involved with mining in the Medicine Bow range. Stephen Downey's first government contract was for Contract No. 5 issued August 27, 1870. Mortimer Grant was the chainman for this contract. Stephen was assigned to six contracts in Wyoming, the last assigned was Contract No. 49 issued June 17, 1873.