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Wyoming PLSS (formerly GCDB) 

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Geographic Coordinate Data Base (GCDB) is a collection of geographic information representing the United States Public Land Survey System (PLSS) and other official surveys. The GCDB data is computed from BLM’s official survey records including Cadastral survey plats and field notes supplemented with local survey records and geodetic control information.

BLM developed GCDB as the framework for its Land Information System (LIS) and is mandated as the base land lines theme for all federal agency mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) efforts. As a component of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), GCDB will be a common reference to the PLSS and greatly facilitate integration of separate GIS systems.

The Cadastral data component of the NSDI is the CadNSDI. The Cadastral Publication Data Standard is the publication guideline for cadastral data that is intended to provide a common format, structure, and content for cadastral information that can be made available across jurisdictional boundaries, providing consistent and uniform cadastral data. Cadastral publication data has two primary components, land parcel data and cadastral reference data. The Wyoming CadNSDI geodatabase (.gdb) is made up of the data developed and updated in the GCDB files and processed to a .gdb format.

All geospatial, tabular, and record systems must be updated to integrate with the CadNSDI v. 2.0. This workload is significant and will be prioritized such that previously standardized data will be updated first, i.e. Surface Management Agency and Grazing Allotments. The remaining data will be integrated with CadNSDI v. 2.0 and standardized as it is updated.

The GCDB coordinate, export geodatabase, and products developed from those files are not to be considered as a part of the legal land record.

Split estate lands are where the surface is patented and the minerals reserved to the United States (Stock Raising Homestead Act (1916), Taylor Grazing Act (1938)). Please refer to BLM’s master title plats to help identify split estate lands, and general land office records to view recorded patents.

The PLSS lines shown on maps generated by these GCDB products are for graphic purposes only. They are generated from files which have no legal status for location or boundary description. The information contained in these files is not final and is subject to change without notice as new information becomes available and is included in the adjustments. Please refer to the Wyoming CadNSDI.gdb metadatglance feature class for update information.

Refer to Cadastral Survey Plats and Records for official survey information.

For more information regarding Wyoming duplicate plats, patents, and other land status documents, visit General Land Office Records at

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