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When the pioneers headed out West, they traveled on horseback or by wagon through vast open spaces, rugged mountains, badlands, high desert plains and sand dunes. Today when you travel through Wyoming, you'll still encounter landscapes such as these.

The public lands in Wyoming include a wide variety of resources and comprise more than 18 million acres of surface land and 30 million acres of subsurface mineral estate. These lands are under the care of the Bureau of Land Management. To manage these vast resources our agency hires individuals in occupations such as range management, forestry, biology, civil and petroleum engineering, geology, hydrology, surveying, outdoor recreation planning, environmental planning and protection, archeology, wildfire management and law enforcement. We also recruit for administrative positions in such fields as budget, contracting, purchasing, human resources, realty, legal examining, information technology, telecommunications, public relations and clerical support.

So if you're looking for a job opportunity that contributes and promotes the health and productivity of the public lands and you'd like to experience the flavor of the "Old West," follow the trail to Wyoming.