In addition to the following programs, a variety of teaching resources and educational tools are available on the web for all grade levels up to and including high school.

Burning Issues - Fire in Wild Horse Basin - Developed by Florida State University in conjunction with BLM Wyoming, this site was launched in December, 2005. The web-based instructional materials are designed to help students learn about the critical role fire plays in ecosystem management. 

Elementary school - Starting as early as kindergarten, children can learn about the “Good fire/Bad fire” message. Teacher packets and student handouts are available from BLM Wyoming Office of External Affairs.

Pre-school - Smokey Bear is still a popular role model for small children. “Don’t play with matches” and “Be careful with fire” are valuable messages for those under 5. Smokey Bear items are available and Smokey is often available to visit classrooms to talk to the youngsters. Contact the from BLM Wyoming Office of External Affairs for additional information.