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2003 Wyoming Cheatgrass Conference Presentation Abstracts


Jack D Alexander III, et alCheatgrass Density Following Emergency Fire Rehabilitation of Four Fires from the 2000 Fire Season on the Vale, Oregon BLM District
Ryan Amundson Johnson Creek/Sybille Wildlife Habitat Management Area Cheatgrass Control Project
D. T. Booth, et alRangeland Monitoring with VLSA Imagery
James N. Davis, et alRange Trend in Utah & the Influence of Cheatgrass on These Trends
Steven A. DeweyHerbicides for Managing Downy Brome/Cheatgrass
Richard DunnePracticing Safe Seed
John GlennCheatgrass & Wildand Fire Management
Kenneth, J. GrayThe Effects of the Cheatgrass/fire cycle on a Northcentral
Nevada Mule Deer Herd
M.R Haferkamp, et al

Annual Brome Seed Germination in the Northern Great Plains
Japanese Brome Impacts Northern Great Plains Rangeland
Japanese Brome in the Northern Great Plains
Impacts of Annual Bromes on Livestock Grazing

Vicki A. HerrenWyoming Cheatgrass Awareness Conference: Increasing Public Awareness & Building Long-term Partnerships
Ann L. HildCase Study 3: Wyoming Rangeland Exclosures & Weedy
Miles KeoghThank God It’s Cheatgrass: It Could Be Worse
Brenda K. Kury, et alData Collection & Fire Modeling Determine Potential for the Use of PLATEAU® to Establish Fuel Breaks in Cheatgrass Dominated Rangelands.
Robert A. Masters, et alRole of Herbicides in Rangeland Invasive Plant Management Strategies
Susan E. MeyerHow Cheatgrass Won the West - Lessons for Wyoming.
Alex Ogg, Jr.Control of Cheatgrass with Low Rates of PLATEAU® in Arid Rangelands in North Central Wyoming.
Mike Pellant

Lessons from the Great Basin
Greenstrips - A Tool to Reduce Wildfire Impacts

John F. SamsonWYDOT - Cheatgrass Control Using Aggressive Native Vegetation (poster presentation)
Keith SchoupCase Study: PLATEAU® herbicide Effect on True Mountain
Ken StinsonFire, Grazing, & Cheatgrass in Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin
Tom WhitsonDowny Brome (cheatgrass) Control with Herbicides & Grazing Management
William YpsilantisSoil Biological Communities: A Key Ingredient to Soil Stability & Sustainability
Mike Zeilinski

Winnemucca BLM Fire Rehabilitation Projects
Cheatgrass Management Winnemucca, NV