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Houndstongue flowers.

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   Weed like you to know...
      looks can be deceiving!

These plants are actually WEEDS! Although they look pretty, they possess unique characteristics for out-competing other plants. These exotic invaders quickly establish thick stands that are threatening native habitats. Infesting over 70 million acres of western wildlands, exotic weeds are having a devastating ecological and economic impact! There is good news - 90% of federal lands are not significantly infested - yet. By becoming familiar with exotic weeds, we can prevent their establishment.


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Weeds on the Move:
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To reduce the cost and time of treatment, preventing the introduction and spread of weeds is time well spent. Tips and techniques home-
owners can use are discussed in the following article, Weeds on the Move: Ways to Stop the Spread (Barnyards & Backyards, Summer 2010).


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