Reclamation Policy Plan Requirements 

The Reclamation Plan (Plan) is a written document that addresses the reconstruction of disturbed ecosystems by returning the land to a stable and productive condition compatible with the land use plan. The Plan must address all ten requirements included in the BLM Wyoming  Reclamation Policy.

The Reclamation Plan must also distinguish between Interim Reclamation Activities and Final Reclamation Activities with corresponding goals and objectives in conformance with the Field Office Resource Management Plan and/or programmatic Environmental Impact Statement Recor of Decision.

The ten items required by the BLM Wyoming Reclamation Policy are:

  1. Waste material handling, disposal & facility decommissioning 
  2. Ensure subsurface integrity 
  3. Surface reconstruction & stabilization 
  4. Re-establish surface hydrology 
  5. Soil management & handling 
  6. Site preparation 
  7. Revegetation 
  8. Visual resources 
  9. Weed & pest management 
  10. Monitoring