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Bulletin:  Common Obstacles to Interim Reclamation Compliance & Production Facility Maintenance

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IM No. WY-2012-032
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BLM Reclamation Policy

  • Ensure the uniform application of exploration, development, and reclamation standards.
  • Ensure prompt reclamation of lands to productive uses consistent with land management policies.
  • Integrate appropriate disciplines in the natural sciences, engineering and design arts in establishing criteria for reclaiming disturbed land, reviewing reclamation plans, and monitoring reclamation activities.
  • Identify information needs that can be provided by research and encourage research projects to provide such information.
  • Utilize the best available information in developing and reviewing reclamation plans.

Field Office Responsibilities

  • Each Field Office shall develop a unique set of reclamation success requirements for both interim and final reclamation.
  • Areas posing the most extreme reclamation challenges will be identified as having Limited Reclamation Potential (LRP). These areas are often characterized by highly sensitive and/or erosive soils, extremely sensitive vegetation types, soils with severe physical or chemical limitations, extremely steep slopes, etc.
    • During the NEPA process, alternatives to approving development activities in LRP areas should be carefully analyzed. Alternatives considered should include: avoidance and/or unconventional site specific reclamation requirements. Resource development activities approved in these areas may require additional bonding.