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Currently, four listed plant species occur in Wyoming. Each of the listed plant species in Wyoming has specific habitat requirements and is only known to occur in a few locales.

Penstemon haydenii.Common Name: Blowout Penstemon
Scientific name: Penstemon haydenii 
Status: Endangered
Distribution: Nebraska & Wyoming
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Spiranthes diluvialis.Common Name: Ute ladies' tresses
Scientific Name: Spiranthes diluvialis
Status: Threatened
Distribution: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Washington & Wyoming
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Yermo xanthocephalus.Common Name: Desert Yellowhead
Scientific Name: Yermo xanthocephalus 
Status: Threatened
Distribution: Wyoming (one locale)
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Gaura neomexicana var. coloradensis.Common Name: Colorado Butterfly Plant
Scientific Name: Gaura neomexicana var. coloradensis 
Status: Threatened
Distribution: Colorado, Nebraska & Wyoming
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