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BLM Special Status Species Policy Objectives

  • To conserve and/or recover ESA-listed species and the ecosystems on which they depend so that ESA protections are no longer needed for these species.
  • To initiate proactive conservation measures that reduce or eliminate threats to Bureau sensitive species to minimize the likelihood of and need for listing of these species under the ESA.
  • Once a species is declared sensitive, BLM must manage the species and its habitat to minimize or eliminate threats affecting the status of the species or to improve the condition of the species habitat.

BLM WY Sensitive 
Species Table

What is a BLM Sensitive Species?

According to BLM Manual 6840, a Bureau Sensitive Species must meet the following criteria to be considered for sensitive species listing:

  • They must be native species found on BLM-administrated lands for which BLM has the capability to significantly affect the conservation status of the species through management.
  • Information is available that a species has recently undergone, is undergoing, or is predicted to undergo a downward trend such that the viability of the species or a distinct population segment of the species is at risk across all or a significant portion of the species range.
  • The species depends on ecological refugia or specialized or unique habitats on BLM-administrated lands, and there is evidence that such areas are threatened with alteration such that the continued viability of the species in that area would be at risk.
  • All federally designated candidate species, proposed species, and delisted species in the 5 years following their delisting shall be conserved as Bureau Sensitive Species.

Once a species is declared sensitive by the BLM, it is our obligation to determine its distribution and manage the species’ habitat. Management of these species is extremely important because all BLM sensitive species are primarily only found on Wyoming BLM Lands in narrow geographic ranges, which makes these species state endemics. An endemic species is a species that is only found in a particular region and nowhere else in the world. If these species went unmanaged, they would most likely decline and eventually cease to exist.

For more information on management of BLM Wyoming Sensitive Species, please refer to the following:

Which Sensitive Species Might Be Located in Your Field Office?

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