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More Rare Plant Species

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More Rare Plant Species in Wyoming

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There are many other rare plant species within the state of Wyoming that are not included on BLM Wyoming's endangered, threatened or sensitive species lists. Some of these occur on lands owned by the State of Wyoming, other federal agencies, private individuals or corporations, but not on BLM-administered public land. Other plants are not quite "rare enough" or cannot be affected by BLM management (see BLM Sensitive Species page).

The state of Wyoming does not have a sensitive species list, so the following sensitive species lists are for other federal lands in Wyoming. Some BLM sensitive species are included these lists, too. If you find any of these species (either BLM Sensitive or other category of rare) on BLM-administered public lands, we'd like to know about it! Please take a picture and a GPS location (or map the location as well as you can) and send it to us along with the date, whether the plant was in flower, seed, or otherwise (the phenology), and names of other plants growing at the site. Your contribution may be an important addition to our database and maps, and thus may help us better understand and protect the species.

Please contact: Adrienne Pilmanis: 307-775-6035,

Wyoming Rare Plant Species Resources

Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD) - Associated with the University of Wyoming, this is the most comprehensive, thorough and inclusive list of rare species statewide.

United States Forest Service (USFS) - Two USFS Regions occur in Wyoming, and each maintains a sensitive species list.

National Park Service (NPS) – The NPS manages 7 units in the state of Wyoming and maintain lists of rare plants for each of the individual units. These lists may not be published to preserve the habitat of the rare plants and prevent plant theft. Remember: Take pictures, not plants!