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Rare Plant Species in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming is host to a variety of rare plant species, many of which can be found on BLM-administered public lands. The BLM protects, monitors and maintains threatened and endangered species listed by the Environmental Protection Agency. We provide the same services for BLM Wyoming Sensitive Species. These actions are taken to prevent species from being federally listed and to prevent their extinction.

BLM Wyoming programs responsible for the implementation of protection, monitoring and maintenance of these species are the Wildlife, Threatened & Endangered Species and Plant Conservation programs.

Trifolium barnebyi.
Trifolium barnebyi

Penstemon acaulis var. acaulis.
Penstemon acaulis

Aquilegia laramiensis.
Aquilegia laramiensis

Astragalus proimanthus.
Astragalus proimanthus

* Photos courtesy of individuals associated with the University of Wyoming.  

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