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BLM WY Uses Native Seed 

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BLM WY Uses Native Seed

2010/2011 Highlights

Eight Wyoming SOS seed collections that included four species were sent to the Bridger Plant Materials Center for germination trials. The four species were:

  • Scrophulariaceae Penstemon humilis
  • Asteraceae Agoseris glauca
  • Polygonaceae Eriogonum umbellatum var. umbellatum
  • Poaceae Pseudoroegneria spicata

Bridger Plant Materials Center.  Penstemon humilis (inset).

The Rock Springs SOS team planted Lesquerella ludoviciana and set up a reseeding and monitoring plan for the plant.

Map of 2010 Lesquerella planting.

The Worland Field Office created a native seed mix with six SOS seed collections from public lands administered by their Field Office. The mix was used to reclaim a wildlife guzzler location in Washakie County. The species included in the native seed mix were:

  • Poa secunda
  • Achnatherum hymenoides
  • Leymus cinereus
  • Bouteloua gracilis